FÅGELLE - Den svenska vreden27/01/2023 · Format: Vinyl, CD · MT31

Emerging out of the nordic experimental music scene, Fågelle is a wild collision of lyrical beauty and unhinged, raw expression. Soundscapes, heaving with intricate detail, meet radically fragile and powerful vocals.

On her upcoming album Den svenska vreden (The Swedish rage), coming out on 27th January 2023, she explores feelings of isolation and anger in collage-like soundscapes made with twisted field recordings, mobile memories, digital trash, dark electronics, and howling choirs while moving between harmony and noise. She juxtaposes lyrical songwriting and disruptive experiments to reflect the whole in all their facets.

ORBEL - Lur Hezea04/11/2022 · Format: Vinyl, CD, Cassette · MT30

Three years after "Hegan", a first album navigating through a dark metal ocean, the four members of Orbel announce their return in 2022 with "Lur Hezea".

If the new 8 tracks of this record still outline dusky landscapes, the melodies now sound clearer than ever, carried by haunting and powerful vocals sometimes recalling ancient conjurations. For the production, Orbel have definitely ditched their "post-rock" heritage, opening the door to machines and traditional instruments, to bring nuance to the feelings of this second LP, oscillating between tribal rhythms and funeral introspections, like an ancient pagan ritual.
A multi-faceted effort, smartly founding its balance in the shadow of the human din.

GLASSING - Dire And Sulk26/08/2022 · Format: Vinyl, Cassette · MT29

Glassing return with an unexpected two-track "Dire And Sulk".
Almost a year after the release of the critically acclaimed "Twin Dream", they revive their adventurous blend of black metal, noise and hardcore with tracks specifically intended to be short, incisive, and more tortured and noisy than ever.

Created in the urgency and chaos of today's United States, "Dire" and "Sulk" are expressions of how inescapable we are from our own environments and, more treacherously, ourselvess...
These pieces, which slide like broken glass on a polished floor, are a scream of help as much as a redemption...

VENIL - My Fears Are Not Strong Enough To Save Me16/09/2022 · Format: Vinyl · MT28

Envisioned as an expiatory story-telling of a life-changing rebirth, this album was inspired by the grief of our spoiled world.
A nearly one hour journey into ourselves, through what we were and our now gone beliefs.
An intimate and visceral experience tainted with sadness, anger and nostalgia.
No rules, no boundaries, only driven by the deepest emotions.

SPOTLIGHTS - Tidals03/06/2022 · Format: Vinyl · MT27

While we're waiting for the new releases to emerge from chaos, we are pleased to bring out the first record of one of our favorite bands on vinyl, just so we don't have to rob a bank to get it on Discogs.
Spotlights is the result of bassist/vocalist Sarah and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Mario Quintero creating music on their own terms with style and dedication. Tidals is composed of 6 tracks, made of sounds as heavy and deep as dreamy and melancholic, already marking the strong identity of the band when it was released in 2016. Anyway it's a must have! (no objectivity at all here)

GLASSING - Light and Death18/06/2021 · Format: Cassette · MT26

"Were melancholy allowed to instantly turn into anger as well as made bombastic and deafening, Glassing’s Light and Death would be much easier to describe. Instead what we have is an experiential journey into the abyss, lead with such precision and cogency that one is left with the feeling that this, despite being their debut LP, is not Glassing’s first plunge into chaos."

- Jonathan Slade

L'EFFONDRAS - Anabasis21/05/2021 · Format: Vinyl, CD · MT25

After four years of silence L'Effondras return with "Anabasis", their highly anticipated third full-length.
This record is a natural progression in the band's body of work, clarifying their aesthetics in five haunted & hypnotic tracks.
"Anabasis" not only expands the approach initiated on 2017's "Les Flavescences" but also explores more emotional territories without losing an inch of the band's trademark grittiness.
L'Effondras pushes even further their bluesy noise to create an immersive experience with beautifully unsettling soundscapes...

BRUIT ≤ - The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again02/04/2021 · Format: Cassette · MT-24

"High concepts, heavy hearts, humongous guitars: Post-rock is all about thinking big. For the catharsis seekers among us, it’s a blessing as well as a curse: when every band is going through the sweeping, sublime motions, with the same crushing gravity, acclimation is inevitable. The debut album from BRUIT ≤ rectifies this recurring problem by focusing on flow, rather than sheer force. Drawing upon their backgrounds in neoclassical and pop music, the Toulouse, France quartet channel bleak themes (societal collapse, environmental decay) into vast, haunting soundscapes infused with strings, synths, and samples. Opener “Industry” straddles beauty and darkness, its ghastly keyboard koans wailing out over crisp percussion like a phantom funeral procession, moving slowly and steadily. Another highlight, “Amazing Old Tree,” uses an excerpt from a 2011 documentary about the Earth Liberation Front as the foundation for a minimalist stunner that organic yet harsh, almost as if Trent Reznor were attempting Americana. With their wide range of moods and styles, these four songs have hit me harder than any post rock album in recent memory. I’ll be listening to them for many months to come."
–Zoe Camp

FUTURE FACES - Euphoria01/03/2021 · Format: Cassette · MT23

Two years in the making, "Euphoria" marks the full-length debut from Swiss post-punk / cold wave outfit FUTURE FACES. Written by Alexandre Muller (H E X, Equus), Matthieu Baumann (Elizabeth, Capital Youth) and Eduardo Garcia (Equus), each of these eight songs has its own character, seamlessly blending lushy guitars and synths layers over ethereal or more up-beat tracks. "Euphoria" is a considerably enriched departure from the monochromatic grey vibes of their stark 2017's EP "Revolt", bringing new colors and textures to their modern, sophisticated relecture of the genre.

TOPOGRAPHIES - Ideal Form04/12/2020 · Format: Cassette · MT22

"Ideal Form" is Topographies debut full-length.. The album synthesizes and clarifies the band’s aesthetic in eight drum-machine and synth heavy tracks, accompanied by Jérémie Rüest's ethereal guitar work, the nimble basslines of Justin Oronos, and Gray Tolhurst’s poetic lyrics. The album was engineered and produced by Chris King (also a member of LA-based band, Cold Showers) and mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studios in New York. Tolhurst (whose early exposure to music came from his father Laurence Tolhurst, drummer/keyboardist of The Cure) draws on his dual fascinations of independent music and 20th century poetry to craft songs and lyrics that seek to explore the complex map of occurrences that situate and shape a life."Ideal Form" is concerned with the projections human beings place upon experience and the impossibility of a perfectly realized existence.

INGRINA - Siste Lys 27/11/2020 · Format: Vinyl, CD · MT20

Siste Lys is an album featuring old Ingrina songs (Casual, Stolidity, Frozen), reworked for the occasion, and new ones, products of troubled times (Jailers, Now, Walls). The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band, amidst the epidemic waves.

Like Etter Lys (debut album), Siste Lys is based on a metaphorical tale of the geological and oceanic trials that life forms go through when faced with civilisational nightmares.
Siste Lys depicts the reappearance of the jailers, the walls and the bodies, from the turbulent swampy life forms, heckled by the waters. The vital movement is gradually fading away, as the light behind the walls disappears. Lives now lodge themselves in the ether of consciousness without being able to take on neither body nor matter. The intensity of the internal madness is equaled only by the absolute paralysis of the physical movement outside. The world is so frozen, the bones so solidified, that life takes refuge in the heart of a narrow and egotistical nothingness that leads only to insanity. Siste Lys tells the story of these lives trying to break the civilizational ice that imprisons them. To finally give substance to the ecstatic dreams, whose memory is already faltering.

SPOTLIGHTS - We Are All Atomic07/11/20 · Cassette · MT21

Heavy, dreamy, sweeping and atmospheric, Spotlights blend shoegaze and doom metal on their new post-nuclear EP.
With the massive impact of their 2017 Ipecac debut and tours with The Melvins and The Deftones, Spotlights secured a place in the heavy music consciousness with their crushing, dreamy and atmospheric blend of shoegaze and doom-metal. Following acclaimed 2019 album 'Love and Decay,' the band return with the boundary-pushing 'We Are All Atomic' EP to further validate the majesty of what they do.