Ingrina - Siste Lys - LP

  • Ingrina - Siste Lys - LP
  • Ingrina - Siste Lys - LP

Ingrina - Siste Lys - LP

Available on 12" colored vinyl. Printed inner sleeves.
Vinyle coloré 12", sous-pochette imprimée.

Siste Lys is an album featuring old Ingrina songs, reworked for the occasion, and new ones, products of troubled times (Jailers,
Now, Walls). The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band,
amidst the epidemic waves.
Like Etter Lys (debut album), Siste Lys is based on a metaphorical tale of the
geological and oceanic trials that life forms go through when faced with
civilisational nightmares.
Siste Lys depicts the reappearance of the jailers, the walls and the bodies,
from the turbulent swampy life forms, heckled by the waters. The vital
movement is gradually fading away, as the light behind the walls disappears.
Lives now lodge themselves in the ether of consciousness without being able to
take on neither body nor matter. The intensity of the internal madness is
equaled only by the absolute paralysis of the physical movement outside. The
world is so frozen, the bones so solidified, that life takes refuge in the heart of
a narrow and egotistical nothingness that leads only to insanity. Siste Lys tells
the story of these lives trying to break the civilizational ice that imprisons
them. To finally give substance to the ecstatic dreams, whose memory is
already faltering.

Pressing Information

1st pressing
250 x white w/ black splatter (sold out)

2nd pressing
100 x clear w/ black & blue splatter (sold out)
200 x clear (sold out)

3rd pressing
100 x red w/ black smoke

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